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Logic of the heat map in plotly js

In my heatmap some values are plotting incorrect. ex see the tool tip of x value 16:20:52, 16:20:54.
Here y value is showing 475 instead of 300 and bar also plotted up to 700 range of y-axis.
As per my knowledge, the problem is highest value and second highest of y-values are getting problem.
In my data highest value of yvalue is 1100 and second highest value of y value is 300. Here plotting 300 is giving problem
How the plotly is plotting heat map logic.


or in other words, can anyone of you explain the current logic of the heatmap? or it is buggy?
I expect this forum to be very active…

Looks like something is off here, possible related to

In the meantime, I’d recommend converting your z array in a 2D array as in