Log scale for surface plots

Considering using Plotly.js for an application we have that needs to render surface data. But it seems like this might be a non-starter as plotly surface map graphs don’t seem to support logarithmic axes.
Can this be done?!?

If not, and I log the data myself, can I exponentiate the axis data and labels, so they don’t look weird?

If none of the above is possible, is there any type of licensing agreement where we can hack the code ourselves to fix this?

You could use log axes in 3D.
The interpolation for the surface at the moment might be off in some cases see https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/3312.

But other traces e.g. isosurface and mesh3d work see https://rreusser.github.io/plotly-mock-viewer/#gl3d_isosurface_log-axis_slices_surface-fill

Correct second link is https://rreusser.github.io/plotly-mock-viewer/#gl3d_isosurface_log-axis_slices_surface-fill

Could you send a link to the code? I’d like to see some example code on how to do log axes in 3d plots. Thanks

For example by setting layout.scene.zaxis.type to log.
BTW here is the link to mock: plotly.js/gl3d_isosurface_log-axis_slices_surface-fill.json at master · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub