Lock the editing of few Shapes


I have a scenario where i am using multiple Line shapes all should be editable initially.
I am able to edit the Line using mouse drag, but at the same time i should be able to lock(editing should be disabled) one or few Lines once there positioning is done. but either all of them will be editable or none of them,
can this somehow be done locking the movement of certain shapes only.

using editable: true while creating new plot.


I am having the same question. @chaugada2094 were you able to find a solution for this inquiry?


Still I am struggling with this, have not found any way to fix this.


There is a partial workaround. If you look at SVG, you can modify pointer-events class and target shapes using data-index. Too bad you cannot set class on shapes or something similar for easier targeting.

path[data-index=“0”] + g {
pointer-events: none !important;