Loading Background Image on Plot


I’m trying to get a logo onto my plots but changing the source from one path to another for the same image results in an error. For context, I’m using the vox logo from the plotly example.

When I use this path, my plot displays the image. But referencing a publicly accessible S3 png file, plotly would not load it. To further test whether it was the image or the path- I downloaded the png from the source above and uploaded it to the same S3 bucket as the actual target png file.

Anybody have any insight on why this is?
I can add a code snippet if helpful! But I just used the plotly images example.


Hello @jon_peter,

To confirm, downloading it worked properly?

Have you tried just using that image src in a regular element, it could be that there is something from blocking it from loading. You can always check your dev console to see if there are any errors, or the Network tab would also show fetch errors. :slight_smile: