Live update from a txt file?

I’m creating a gauge that displays the last value from a txt file.

A new row is added to the file once every month and I would like to change the gauge’s value based on that value. Is this possible in Plotly dash? I’m pretty new at this. Any help is appreciated!

Hello @kentopanini and welcome to the community !

Yes that’s entirely possible with Dash.
By default on every run or refresh(browser tab) your app will use the updated data if you are connecting it with the live data source. As in your case the data is updated once every month I presume you’ll likely open or refresh your app more than once.

But if you planning to create this for monitoring without refreshing the app, check out this chapter from the docs - Live Updates | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly. Using the dcc.Interval you can setup your dash app to update after every set interval period.