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Live Stream Table

hello I’d like to make a Table (Or figure like table ) that sends out rows from a pandas datatable (or the last row is on top of the table) and with some auto-scrolling.

And all this must be using callback for the live streaming all this

Thank You for your help.

Hi @saad
What do you mean by live streaming the table? Are you trying to connect to an API?

In fact I have a dataframe where I can draw live data using dcc.graph and callback, but I also want a table that displays the rows of my dataframe row by row and using an dcc.Interval

Hi @adamschroeder something like this table :

But the difference is here they use API that updates alone but me i have already all my data in a pandas dataframe and i need to updates it row by row

I’m going to message you directly because I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. If we find a solution, we’ll post it back here publicly.