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Linking a master database/table to individual line graph analyses

Hi all, relatively new to Python and Dash, but having fun with this. As a learning exercise, I’m pulling bike ride data from Strava into individual ride files. What I’m hoping to do is have a web interface where I can have a listing of all the ride files in a table or the like, and then clicking on an individual record will take me to another page with ride analysis details, including a Dash line chart.

Just curious for advice on how to operationalize this. Considering the hundreds of rides I have, I was hoping to have a template which then loads the ride record (from csv) depending on the selection.

Hope this makes sense and will be more than happy to clarify, any documentation I’m reading refers to using single CSV files, which I can do on an individual basis by manually coding, but wanted to automate the process for bulk CSV files.

Hi @pgp welcome to the forum! Well you will need to have an object linking labels (of individual rides) to csv file paths (which you can open with pandas pd.read_csv). In Python you would typically use a dictionary for this, you could display the keys of the dictionary in a dash datatable and then open the corresponding csv file when the corresponding line is selected?