Linked div Plots

I already know that is easy to link subplots together. However, is it possible to link two different plots in two different divs? That is to say, Say I have a horizontally split screen made up of two divs. In one div is a simple line graph of stock prices for your favorite company. In the other div is another plot, but of your favorite company’s competitor. If I were to pan left or right in one, the other would be linked. Furthermore, if one were zoomed in the other would zoom to the same factor. I know this is a contrived example that could be simply captured by subplots or traces. The point in this is that the plots are in different divs

Listening to plotly_relayout on each graph div should get you there.

You are ever present etienne…see you on just about every medium concerning plotly. Good job

Ooops. I forgot to paste a link to a starter codepen: