Lineplot supports only 2 lines with group

Hello everyone.
I’ve tried to create a Python lineplot with plotly express for showing genres trend during years using Spotify data. I’ve grouped my dataset by genre name and date (year-month-day), obtaining two columns by aggregating: one that sums all the streams of that genre in a specific date; one that counts the number of songs with that genre executed that day.
So, to plot the top 10 genres’ lines I’ve written:

px.line(df,x="Date", y="Sum",color="Genres" ,template='plotly_dark')

as I’ve read in the plotly documentation. It returns me a blank chart with the legend, but no lines (a sad face instead). I thought that maybe my dataset was wrong, but giving only two genres to plotly it works amazingly.
Someone has an idea of what I did wrong?