Line graph buckets?

Hi, I’m creating a graph of interest rates over time and there are long periods where multiple rates overlap.

To make it possible to still follow the lines, I have added offsets to the y values, in the form of y = (rate + 0.005*n) where n = [0, 1, 2 …].

This kind of works, but it messes with the values shown in the hover label. I have tried to compensate by only showing to decimals, but I would have to shrink my offset factor even more to not mess with the decimals and then the lines overlap too much again. ( hovertemplate=‘%{y:.2f}%’, )

So, my question is, is it possible to create a kind of graph with “buckets” for the Y values. I expect all rates to be in increments of 0.05%, so that could be the bucket size.

Maybe there even exists a better chart type/style, that I’m not aware of?