Level of control over text in sunburst plotly.py

Great effort on the library!
I am wondering what levels of control one has over the text in a sunburst plot. Ideally, I would like to

  1. Have global or local control over font size (setting size in “insidetextfont” does not seem to override how plotly calculates font size based on size of sector).
  2. Plotly will also auto set the orientation of the inside text depending on the size of the sector. Is there a way to force all text to be horizontal or “radially” aligned to lines fanning out from the center of the circle?
  3. Slightly related to #2. I know we can control the length of the sector along the circumference, but can we control the width of the sector along the radius of the circle? All the examples I see have a common sector width.

See here.

Thanks so much!

Hi @ahmedhosny, insidetextfont controls the maximum font size only. But the next release of plotly.py, which should be next week :crossed_fingers: will include a uniformtext mode to have the same font size everywhere, and also modes to control the text orientation. Coming soon :-)… As for 3, I don’t think this is possible…

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