Level amount in Dash Sunburst component

Hi Dash Community!

I am new to Dash and came across the Sunburst component. I would really like to use it, but due to the high amount of levels in my data it would become incomprehensible by default.

Unfortunately, there is not something like a “levels” prop to define a level amount.

I checked the documentation on GitHub. There is a solution for setting an amount of maximum levels, but I can’t get it to work for the data given in the usage example (https://github.com/plotly/dash-sunburst/blob/master/usage.py).

Thanks for any help.

One option might be to dynamically render the levels as you drill in. See https://github.com/plotly/dash-sunburst/blob/master/usage_backend_update_via_selections.py for an example

Okay, I will try to figure it out. Thanks for the quick reply.

can we have more number of nodes in level 1 like here https://plot.ly/python/sunburst-charts/ in " Sunburst with Repeated Labels" ??