Legendgroup without Subplots plotly

I created a dashboard, I usually use plotly express or go.Scatter. I need a legendgroup in them, but it seems that legendgroup is only available for subplots?

So far so good. I have multiple traces on each graph. If i use subplots there is no way to have same color in all graphs, if i use figure objects without subplots there is no way to use legendgroup ?

So both are not usefull for themself for me. Any ideas how to select data for multiple graphs if i click on the legend?

please help…any idea would be nice

Hi there,

This tutorial might be helpful: https://plot.ly/python/legend/#grouped-legend

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hi, no not really…i have multiple charts, not one chart. i have to update multiple figures by selecting one legend.

By using subplots you have to assign the same color to each trace with the same legendgroup. you must specify that color (e.g. ‘red’ or ‘rgb(155,144,36)’), without using a numerical array and colorscale. At least this way I could do it. (Sorry for the delay)