Legend with percentage or Identity which legend is clicked in pie chart

Hi, I need to attach label + percentage to the legends, in order to do so calculating them and attaching it to labels. something like

                values: widgetValues,
                labels: function_to_getlabels(),
                type: 'pie',
                hole: 0.6,
                marker: {
                  colors: widgetColors,
                name: '',
                hovertemplate: '%{label}<br>%{value}',
                textinfo: 'none',

On click of a legend the labels needs to be recomputed with updated percentages. In order to do so, I am facing a issue in identifying the legend which is clicked in pie chart.
Checked with plotly_legendclick and plotly_relayout.
In plotly_legendclick, the curveNumber always point to 0, no matter what legend is clicked.
In plotly_relayout, I am getting the info of hidden labels, but the default behavoiur of the plotly_legendclick is no longer working.

Is there a better way to generate legends with percentages or how do I update labels when the user clicks on a legend?

I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

same problem did u find solution