Legend list get truncated and cannot access

HI Ploting few grapghs in one plot…

the legends get truncated and cannot access the others.
Do you have any way of adding scroll bars or splitting them to columns or some other way to see them all/


Not at the moment. Please subscribe to Dropdown legend items · Issue #207 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub for the latest development updates.

I updated to latest Plotly which is suppose to have scrollbar on the legends.

Are there any attribute we have to set to get scrolling?

I still cant see the scrolling.
my graph is editable too.


There’s no attributes at the moment to customize the legend scrolling behavior.

Legend are made scrollable only when their height overlap the bottom margin (below the axes).

ok i got them appearing in my graph with the cdn.plot.ly.

My graph is in edit mode.
so when i try to drag the scroll bar , the whole legend layer gets dragged…

any idea on this or the scroll doesnt work with “editable=true” //

Many thanks.