Legend entry with variable markers?

Hi all - I couldn’t seem to find the answer so am posting here. I have a scatterPolar plot that is plotted as lines+markers, however the markers are set based on values in each trace. So for each trace, markers will be a list containing different markers like:

markers = ['circle', 'circle', 'circle', 'square-open','circle']

Depending on the markers list, that affects how the legend looks (i.e., it could show circles or could show square-open); is there was to explicitly format how each entry looks in the legend? I can add two traces, one with only the lines and show that in the legend and one with the the markers not shown in the legend but then I loose the ability to toggle traces on and off.

thanks in advance

Any chance anyone has any input to this?

Hi @paul20000,

to my knowledge it is not possible to do it within a trace, but what you can do is create multiple traces and then group them in an unique legend item.

hope this helps a bit :wink: , Alex-

Thank you, that did solve my problem. Not quite perfect a very suitable workaround.