Latex font for axis label

Hi there.

I want to set the label of the axis using Latex font.:

    title_text=r"Velocity $\left[ \frac{m}{s} \right]$", row=2, col=1)

This does not work, it is only shown [m/s].
I saw the example on the website, but I think my problem is different, I want text + math. Is this possible in plotly?

Also, I would like to control what Latex font family to use, like in matplotlib.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I just realize I can use the Latex \text command:

    title_text=r"$\text{Velocity} \left[ \frac{m}{s} \right]$", row=2, col=1)

but I still do not know how to control the Latex font.