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Large 3D surface scatter plot not plotting

I am using d3.queue to generate txt and csv input files for x: ‘x’, y:‘y’ and z:‘z’. These input files (array of arrays) are very long (10593 elements). To check if the code is working properly I use smaller arrays generated with d3 I get a plot. When I paste the large x, y and z arrays directly into the javascript plotly code I also get plot. However, when i us d3 generate large arrays all I see is the color bar and the 3D axes of the plotly 3D plotting space but no 3D surface scatter plot. In the console I can see the large x, y and z array of arrays that are filled with elements. But I also see NaN’s instead of 0 (zero’s). So I think those NaN’s are contributing to the plotting problem. Does anyone know how I can get 0 (zero’s) instead of NaN’s. ![image|690x392]what it suppose to be (when I paste the array directly into the code) (upload://ojluxejrQIbKrTeW63SqU617Duw.jpeg) and what I see get (because of the NaN’s)image.
My console with the arrays with NaN’s at locations where there should be zero’s image