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Labels of individual points in boxplot

Hello there. Is there a way to add labels to individual points in boxplot? E.g. in scatterplot, I can specify a ‘text’ parameter, which will cause labels to appear when you hover over the points.

You can try using layout annotations. It’s a little tedious, but that’s all you can do at the moment.

I did it with:

py.iplot([go.Box(y=np.arange(10), name='mydata', 
                 boxpoints='all', text=list('abcdefghij'))])

Thank you for the text input for hovering function.
How can we add a different colour for a group of points in this plot box? Thanks

Hello, is htis code, ok? I tried to run this but an error occurs, since ‘text’ is not an attribute for go.Box.

Is there a typo?