Keras integration with Dash

I am trying to integrate keras ANN model with dash. During this I can save a model if I want. I am trying to save model in .h5 format. but I am unable to use saved model. But I can save model in console outside the dash environment with no such problem.
Please help me with this.

Can you provide some more context? Is there an associated error message?

This is error i have.

ValueError: Fetch argument <tf.Variable ‘dense_1/kernel:0’ shape=(49, 64) dtype=float32_ref> cannot be interpreted as a Tensor. (Tensor Tensor(“dense_1/kernel:0”, shape=(
49, 64), dtype=float32_ref) is not an element of this graph.)

Thank you for reply.

This stack overflow reply makes me wonder if its because something is being cached and going stale.

If you’re not already, try running with debug=False when you start the server, as the auto-reloading feature of debug mode can sometimes cause these kinds of issues.

I tried both of the methods together and each separately, but none of them work out.