Javascript and Dash

Anyone know why this first bit of code works in a javascript file, alone

alert(“Hello! I am an alert box!!”);

…but this second bit of code doesn’t modify the element?

document.getElementById(“atinput_hist”).style.display = “none”;

Dash is cranky when it comes to javascript :frowning:

Is your post and mine similar? How to trigger a JavaScript function on load?

13 hours and I’m the only reply… Losing faith for my own issue. Sorry I don’t have an answer, but maybe neither of us are the only ones.

How are you calling the JS?

Hi Emil,
Thanks for responding. I’m just placing placing the JS in a file in the assets folder and letting it run.

When I place those files in a standard HTML document and let them run, they both work fine.

When I do the same with Dash, only the alert works.

I think that’s because the Dash components are generated dynamically, i.e. the JS is actually run before the elements are loaded. I guess it would work, if you use the solution i posted here,

to ensure that the JS is loaded after the components are loaded.

Thanks - will take a look!