Issues updating deployed dash app

I’ve deployed a dash app using heroku, its located here

It seems to have several issues which do not happen when i run locally. It typically takes 3 to 4 times of clicking on the drop down menu to update the plot. Additionally it seems like you need to double click the map in order to update the corresponding plot on the left. Is this possibly due to something on herokus end? Has anyone else had similar issues and been able to resolve?

Updating the dropdown on the app seems to work OK for me:

One thing to make sure of is that your app isn’t using any global variables and your callbacks aren’t modifying any variables outside of their scope - that can cause issues when multiple people are viewing the app at once. (Some more information here:

Thanks for the quick response! So I generate all figures and save them in a dictionary before running the app. Then each callback just simply returns the corresponding figure in the dictionary. This could be the cause of the issue? I notice most of the dash examples have the figures being generated for every callback, however I was concerned it may take awhile to generate the map every time.

Also this typically is what the initial webpage looks like for me when first opening.

Is this also related to the global variable thing?