Issue with the modebar when using other library

When I using the plotly.js, the modebar is so large that it covers the plot. I find the reason is that it conflict with the forna.js ( I am not sure how to solve it. The raw code are

The result plot is

The modebar is unnormal. I want to recover it. But I do not know how to set the CSS.

Many thanks.
Best regards.

Hmm, that looks odd.

Have you tried using ?

Hi etienne,
Thanks. Yes. I used the newest. I solved the questions by adjusting the parameters. Although it is not perfect.

var layout = {
title: β€˜BPPM’,
//annotations: [],
width: 800,
height: 800,
autosize: false,
xaxis: {
ticks: β€˜β€™,
side: β€˜top’
yaxis: {
ticks: β€˜β€™,
ticksuffix: ’ ',
range: [50, -50]

 var graphDiv = document.getElementById(elem);
 Plotly.newPlot(graphDiv, data, layout);