Issue with highlighting edges of the 3D polyhedra

Hello everyone!

I only started to use Plotly library and I need your help! Probably, my question is very easy.
I created a 3D surface defined by convexhull coordinates of a set of points. As a result, I have all points using go.Scatter3d (some of them inside, some of them as corners of created polyhedra), and a 3D surface using go.Mesh3d, but I want to highlight each edge between points of polyhedra to make the surface more visible.
Now I have this code:

fig = go.Figure()

polyhedra_points = [ ]
coordinates = result_fin[[‘Teta_N’, ‘Teta_V’, ‘Teta_chi’]].values
hull = scipy.spatial.ConvexHull(coordinates)

polyhedra_points = hull.vertices.tolist()
coordinates_all = result_fin[[‘Teta_N’, ‘Teta_V’, ‘Teta_chi’]].to_numpy()
polyhedra_coordinates = coordinates_all[polyhedra_points]

fig = go.Figure(data=[go.Scatter3d(x=result_fin.Teta_N, y=result_fin.Teta_V, z=result_fin.Teta_chi,
marker=dict(size = 2, color = ‘blue’),

fig.add_trace(go.Mesh3d(x=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 0],
y=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 1],
z=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 2],
text = polyhedra_df.composition, #we see only the names of the polyhedra points
contour = dict(color = ‘blue’, show = True, width = 10),
#facecolor = polyhedra_coordinates,
flatshading=True, #helped a bit to see edges
lighting=dict(ambient=0.6, diffuse=0.8), #helped a bit to see edges

fig.update_layout(title=“Structural 3D map”,
legend_title=‘Phase name’,
xaxis = dict(title=r’Theta_N’, nticks=10, range=[-1,1]),
yaxis = dict(title=r’Theta_V’, nticks=10, range=[-1,1]),
zaxis = dict(title=r’Theta_chi’, nticks=10, range=[-1,1]))

With this code I have this plot:

I want to have something like this (this plot was done in matplotlib, I need edges like in it):

I marked as a comment #facecolor = polyhedra_coordinates - maybe using this parameter is it possible to highlight edges with the same colour that the points, but by this way, as I put it, it didn’t work. So, if I use this facecolor parameter then I have this result, but not highlighted edges:

Can you give me some recommendations how to get highlighted edges?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alesya,

Mesh3d does not return the triangulation defined from your data points, but you can proceed as follows to get your desired plot:

  • define the triangulation using Delaunay function from scipy.spatial.
  • Delanay returns the array of simplices from which, with a few lines of code, you can get the triangles and plot their edges, while the mesh is plotted using another version of go.Mesh3d.


from scipy.spatial import Delaunay
import numpy as np
import plotly.graph_objects as go

mydata= -3+5*np.random.rand(18)
pts = mydata.reshape((6,3))
mesh = Delaunay(pts)

# mesh.simplices returns indices of points that form tetrahedra
# a simplex is in this case a 4-tuple of ints

#extract tetrahedra faces:
tri =[]
for s in mesh.simplices:
    tri.extend([(s[i], s[i+1], s[(i+2)%4])  for  i in range(3)])

utri = list(set(tri))  #utri is the list of unique triangles
I, J, K = np.asarray(utri).T
x, y, z = mesh.points.T
verts = mesh.points

tri_vertices= verts[np.asarray(utri)]
Xe = []
Ye = []
Ze = []
for T in tri_vertices:
    Xe += [T[k%3][0] for k in range(4)]+[ None]
    Ye += [T[k%3][1] for k in range(4)]+[ None]
    Ze += [T[k%3][2] for k in range(4)]+[ None]
#define the trace consisting in all triangle edges
lines= go.Scatter3d(
            line=dict(color= 'rgb(50,50,50)', width=1.5)) 
fig=go.Figure(go.Scatter3d(x=x, y=y, z=z, mode="markers", marker_size=3))
fig.add_mesh3d(x=x, y=y, z=z, i=I, j=J, k=K, color='rgba(0, 218, 245, 0.35)')
fig.update_layout(width=600, height=600, showlegend=False)

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Thank you! It works now!