Issue with a multi-select dropdown in dash

I am having an issue with one of my dropdowns which allows a multi-selection of ETF tickers. The dropdown list is obscuring the search bar rather than displaying under the search bar, I am still very new to Dash, thanks:

Not sure if there is something I am doing wrong in the CSS styilng or dropdown component itself

‘’’ html.Div(id = ‘output_date_picker’, style = {‘margin-bottom’:‘30px’}),

                   html.Div(dcc.Dropdown(id = 'ticker', options = [{'label':i,'value':i} for i in df['ASX 
                   Code']],value=['VAS.AX'], multi=True,
                    style = {'float':'left','display':'inline-block','height':'45px','width':'70%','margin- 
                           'margin-left':'100px'},placeholder = 'Select Tickers')),