Is there an axis lower and/or upper bound available?

Hi there,

I am extremely new to plotly and was wondering if there are features like “bounds” on y-axis let’s say, for example , I want that only y-values greater than certain number is plotted and anything below ignored but without compromising the auto-scale feature.

Suppose I have a data set (CSV file) that contains the y-values 0, 0.1, -1, 1.5, 5.0, -1, 0.1… etc, when I plot I must see empty space instead of anything below 0.1… similarly an upper limit (let’s say 10) will also be useful. Something like:

var layout = {
yaxis: {

  limits: [lower_limit, upper_limit]


So that anything falling within those limits will be plotted and auto-scaled. Is there anything like that? Limits? Bounds?

Not yet.

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Thanks! Eagerly waiting for that feature…

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