Is there a way to place animated svg into the Dash App?

Hello there

I have an animated svg that I want to place on my Dash app… Is there a web handle that can help me do that?

Hey @mlmaster0000 welcome to the forums.

Maybe a dumb question, but is that different to embedding a gif- file? What did you try so far?

@AIMPED an animated svg contains a ‘script’ element that embeds the animations part of an otherwise static svg. I tried uploading a static svg and it worked. But the animated svg is creating a problem. I could’nt find any official documentation for dealing with animated svgs. Hence, posted this question.

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Hi did you try Lottie?

I used import dash_extensions as de then used de.Lottie(options=options, width="100%", height="100%", url="")

And as I know you can convert svg to Lottie files here: Convert SVG to Lottie - Free Online Converter - LottieFiles