Is there a way to anti-aliasing a contour overlapped on surface?

I draw a surface.
And I draw a contour that directly calculated on it by scatter3d.
However, there is a difference in quality compared to the contours drawn by plotly directly.
Attach a picture and code explaining the problem.
Is there a way to anti-aliasing a contour overlapped on surface?
Thanks a lot.

var surface = {
z: Z, x: X, y: Y,
type: ‘surface’, showscale:false,
colorscale: ‘Portland’, opacity:1.0, hoverinfo:‘x+y+z’,
name: ‘surface’,
contours: { x:{ show:false, highlight:false, },
y:{ show:false, highlight:false, },
z:{ show:true, highlight:true, color:’#a60628’,
highlightcolor:’#0072b2’, highlightwidth:5,

var contour_trace = {
x:contour_x, y: contour_y, z: contour_z,
mode: ‘lines’,
type: ‘scatter3d’,
name: ‘isoline’+i,
line: {width:4, color:’#009E73’}

var data = [surface, contour_trace]

Nice graph! Thanks for writing in.

Not at the moment unfortunately. But to my eyes, this scenario could be considered a bug.

Would you mind opening a new issue here with a codepen/jsfiddle that includes the x/y/z data arrays you used here? Thank you!

You can achieve a hacky-but-effective version of anti-aliasing by overlying multiple plots with decreasing stroke width and increasing alpha values. Here’s a zoom of plot I overlaid on a video frame, you can see the anti-aliasing effect. I drew the same plot 3 times (using add_traces 3 times with identical settings except stroke width and color). I used a stroke width of 12, 7, 2, and alpha value of 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 in what you see here.

It improved the look on the image substantially.