Is it possible to upload, edit then download csv files with dash? (python)

I know you can analyse csv files, but can’t find any examples online of editing data then downloading it. Before I spend days learning how to use Dash, can somebody just tell me if this is possible?

For example:

Upload csv (via upload button)

Edit data, for example deduplicate with pandas drop_duplicates()

Download edited csv (with a download button)


A quick look with the search button is all you need, or simply read the docs. Google is your friend (so are these forums). E.g.:

Download files
Upload files
Edit data

A recent version of the dash_table.DataTable has a built-in export table feature as well, so if you display your modified data as a DataTable component, you could get the export functionality “for free”.

I spent a looking for this, and all you have to do is add export-format='csv' and a radio button will appear above your datatable that will download the data.

Just tested this out, it’s export_format=‘csv’ (not hyphen , but underscore [ _ ]
and it will start auto-displaying a button like below.


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