Is it possible to to customize a dragmode to draw a custom shape?

In Plotly JavaScript, is it possible to draw a custom shape, selecting a custom tool from the mode bar?

For example I would like to select a tool similar to the Draw rectangle though draw a box with only the lower edge dotted, for which the shape object will result something like the following code, with a customized shapes.type

editable: true
fillcolor: "rgba(0,0,0,0)"
fillrule: "evenodd"
layer: "above"
line: {  ***  Different values for each edge  ***  }
opacity: 1
type:   ***  "rect_custom"  ***  
x0: 0.4278717712776724
x1: 0.8047015695458049
xref: "x"
y0: 0.8172631338756892
y1: 0.520997557750132
yref: "y"

Or to make things simpler, having a tool, from the mode bar, to draw a custom lines dotted or with an icon attached to the end of the line.

I know the is possible to define a custom function with relative custom icon in the mode bar, but I can’t figure how to trigger the drawing function or how to customize that function.


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No one has any hint on this?