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Is it possible to show info on hover in the choropleth map made with geojson plotlyjs

Plotly.d3.json(‘’, function(redjson) {

Plotly.d3.json(‘’, function(bluejson) {

Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', [{
  type: 'scattermapbox',
  lat: [46],
  lon: [-74]
}], {
  title: "Florida Counties",
  height: 600,
  width: 600,
  mapbox: {
    center: {
      lat: 28,
      lon: -84
    style: 'light',
    zoom: 4.8,
    layers: [
        sourcetype: 'geojson',
        source: redjson,
        type: 'fill',
        color: 'rgba(163,22,19,0.8)'
        sourcetype: 'geojson',
        source: bluejson,
        type: 'fill',
        color: 'rgba(40,0,113,0.8)'
}, {
  mapboxAccessToken: 'your access token'



I want to make a UK choropleth map using geojson, So I tried this plotly js choropleth map of florida. But info on hover is missing in this example. Is it possible show to info on hover in map made using geojson.