Is it possible to manually set a component to a loading state?

In my app there is a functionality which takes a little bit of time and makes the app not usable during the duration. Unfortunately this procedure fires all kinds of callbacks with a lot of different components as well so wrapping a dcc.Loading around all my components would just be really confusing and not a good idea. A fullscreen loading screen is not possible either because the user should still be able to see the app layout during the loading.

What I would like is to have a spinner/loading animation for only some of the components and having it animate until the whole procedure is done from start to finish.

The problem is that the components in question are not in the loading state during the whole procedure (but only for parts of it).

Is there a way I can set the loading state of components manually to True and also manually to False or just set it up somehow?

PS: not necessarily related but is the loading_state prop broken? It always seems to be none when printed, even when the component is loading.

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I experience the same, loading_state is always None