Is it possible to make this with plotly?

HI, I think up to certain extend you could use go.Mesh3d, it depends on the number of datapoints you want to visualize.

Pretty much like this:

I played around a bit, I think you will run into performance issues quite quickly. It took some time to plot the figure and it’s only 25 β€œtowers”

import plotly.graph_objects as go
import numpy as np

def towers(a, e, pos_x, pos_y):
    # create points
    x, y, z = np.meshgrid(
        np.linspace(pos_x-a/2, pos_x+a/2, 2), 
        np.linspace(pos_y-a/2, pos_y+a/2, 2), 
        np.linspace(0, e, 2)
    x = x.flatten()
    y = y.flatten()
    z = z.flatten()
    return go.Mesh3d(x=x, y=y, z=z, alphahull=1, flatshading=True)


# dimensions of global grid
x_dim = 5
y_dim = 5

x, y = np.meshgrid(
xx = x.flatten()
yy = y.flatten()
zz = np.random.randint(2, 20, size=(xx.shape[0] + yy.shape[0]))

fig = go.Figure(layout={'scene': {'aspectmode':"data"}, 'height':700, 'width':800})
for x, y, z in zip(xx, yy, zz):
    fig.add_trace(towers(1, z, x, y))