Ipywidgets and dash

Is it possible to integrate dash and ipywidgets? is there an example?
I want to use a rangeslider from ipywidgets and use it as input of a callback in dash.


The ipywidgets are entirely different components than Dash’s so they can’t be combined.

What’s wrong with Dash’s RangeSlider?

RangeSlider has some issues.

1.- this: Callback is called twice in a sigler event
2.- To see value of a rangeslider you need create a label and a callback, this does not happen in ipywidgets. So, if you have many rangesliders you need create many callbacks to see the value.

You could try using voila to make a dashboard from your ipywidgets, but as nedned said it’s not really going to be possible in Dash because they’re just different frameworks.

I already use dash in my app, so i dont want to change to voila.

Did you see the tooltip property in rangeslider? See the full list of properties at the bottom of RangeSlider | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

Definitely sounds like a bug, we’ll work on fixing this for the next release.

Our intention is definitely for the Dash components to be the best that they possibly can, so many thanks for raising these issues!

Thank you very much @chriddyp !! I didnt know this property.