Interval component skips/delays iterations (maybe throttling)

Hi everyone!

I have some problems embedding dcc.Interval component as an input for a callback function, which sends some websocket messages (trades and checks on the exchange market) on api based on State’s , and as a return, it refreshes info in FormText’s.

So here is the problem: the interval is set to 1000 (ms), and I expect it to execute the callback function every second, and it works fine to some extend. After a while (maybe several hours) it starts to delay the callback function execution, and sometimes the delay reaches 10-15 seconds.
It takes about 0.15-0.4 seconds to execute the callback function, and I’ve also resolved the queueing (cuz I don’t need that) - the next callback won’t be executed till the previous one is finished.

The first thing I have found out (thanks to dcc.Interval as background process · Issue #208 · plotly/dash-core-components · GitHub) is that if browser is on the background, it throttles, so I’ve tried chrome, mozilla firefox and brave browser with disabled timers throttling, and also added an autohotkey script which activates browser window every 5 mins.

I thought that the problem is solved, but today I ve noticed these delays again, even with the browser on the foreground

Any suggestions? May be web browser is not the reason?
By the way, mozilla firefox peforms the best in this case, but it seems quite unstable, cuz some memory leaks and unexpected shutdowns happens during the day.