Internal server error on AWS

I can’t get my multi-page app to work on AWS, even though it works without problem locally. I’m consistently getting the 500 error, despite trying everything I can find about flask deployment on AWS.

I have an file with the following lines:

app = dash.Dash(__name__, external_stylesheets=external_stylesheets)
application = app.server
app.config.suppress_callback_exceptions = True

as well as

if __name__ == '__main__':'', port=80, debug=True)

I tried changing the host and port, but it doesn’t help. I have requirements.txt as well.

The logs doesn’t seem to tell my anything, not sure if this is even the logs I should be looking at. I don’t know how to get the error traceback despite having debug=True.

What can I do here?

[2019-09-18T11:00:01.214Z] DEBUG [10398] : Reading config file: /etc/elasticbeanstalk/
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.214Z] DEBUG [10398] : Checking if the command processor should execute...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.215Z] DEBUG [10398] : Checking whether the command is applicable to instance (i-06284b43273d2c48e)..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.215Z] INFO  [10398] : Command is applicable to this instance (i-06284b43273d2c48e)..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.215Z] DEBUG [10398] : Checking if the received command stage is valid..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] INFO  [10398] : No stage_num in command. Valid stage..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] INFO  [10398] : Received command CMD-TailLogs: {"execution_data"=>"*", "instance_ids"=>["i-06284b43273d2c48e"], "data"=>"74ab21f6-da03-11e9-a38a-9553d24d6c99", "command_name"=>"CMD-TailLogs", "api_version"=>"1.0", "resource_name"=>"AWSEBAutoScalingGroup", "request_id"=>"74ab21f6-da03-11e9-a38a-9553d24d6c99"}
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] INFO  [10398] : Command processor should execute command.
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] DEBUG [10398] : Storing current stage..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] DEBUG [10398] : Stage_num does not exist. Not saving null stage. Returning..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] DEBUG [10398] : Reading config file: /etc/elasticbeanstalk/
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] DEBUG [10398] : Retrieving metadata for key: AWS::ElasticBeanstalk::Ext||_ContainerConfigFileContent||commands..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.216Z] DEBUG [10398] : Retrieving metadata for key: AWS::ElasticBeanstalk::Ext||_API||_Commands..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.217Z] INFO  [10398] : Found enabled addons: ["logpublish", "logstreaming"].
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.218Z] INFO  [10398] : Updating Command definition of addon logpublish.
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.218Z] INFO  [10398] : Updating Command definition of addon logstreaming.
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.218Z] DEBUG [10398] : Loaded definition of Command CMD-TailLogs.
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.218Z] INFO  [10398] : Executing CMD-TailLogs
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] INFO  [10398] : Executing command: CMD-TailLogs...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] INFO  [10398] : Executing command CMD-TailLogs activities...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] DEBUG [10398] : Setting environment variables..
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] INFO  [10398] : Running AddonsBefore for command CMD-TailLogs...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] DEBUG [10398] : Running stages of Command CMD-TailLogs from stage 0 to stage 0...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] INFO  [10398] : Running stage 0 of command CMD-TailLogs...
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] DEBUG [10398] : Loaded 1 actions for stage 0.
[2019-09-18T11:00:01.219Z] INFO  [10398] : Running 1 of 1 actions: TailLogs...