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Insert figure on top of an image

Hi, everybody,
I’m trying to do graphics in Dash and I’ve run into a problem. The thing is that I would like to insert an image in which I can zoom, move in it etc (just like in a graphic) and also add some rectangles on top of it. I managed to insert the background image but I don’t know how to add more elements on top of it. The idea is to do something like what I show you in the image below.

I hope you can help me, thank you very much to everyone!

Hi @josemanuu welcome to the forum! You can add the image either as a layout image (https://plot.ly/python/images/) or as an image trace (https://plot.ly/python/imshow/) if you would like to interact more with the image (hover, selection, etc.). As for adding rectangles, you can add shapes to the figure, see https://plot.ly/python/shapes/. Or do you want to add the shapes by drawing (click and drag) on the image? The latter feature is not available yet with plotly/dash but we’re experimenting with it.