Inform user when a process is running and when it's completed (multiple callbacks same output)

I am trying to do something fairly simple with ipywidgets but that seems impossible to do in dash.

I have a button that, when clicked triggers a function.

I would like the button to change color and text while the function triggered by the button click is running (for example the text ‘Running…’ should appear on the button).
Then when the function is successfully or unsuccessfully completed the button should reflect the state changing color and text again (for example green color and text ‘Success’)

In addition I have a Div which reads and shows the log file of the function running, using a dcc.Interval.
I would like this dcc.Interval to be enabled only when the function triggered by the button is running and disable the dcc interval after the function finishes.

At the moment it seems that something so simple is not possible because I would need multiple callbacks linked to the same Output, which at the moment is not supported.

Am I right? Or is there any other way to achieve this?

Many thanks