Individual bar colour per cell

Hi there,
I’m new to plotly and dash and a beginner in python. I search google quite a bit but can’t find an answer, hope this forum can help.
I have a simple bar plot, it’s an audit i run on project files with 10 tests, I’m plotting ‘Test Name’ and 'Count", my output is an excel file that looks similar to this (excuse the no formatting):
Test name Count
Test 1 : 543
Test 2 : 23
Test 3 : 2
Test 4 : 2000

I would like to apply a traffic light colour to each bar, but the problem is that I have a different rule for each test, it is not across the whole file.
In other words, test 1 will be green if it is under 300, orange if it is over 300 but under 500 and red if it is over 500.
test 2 might be green if it is under 5, orange if it is over 5 but under 10 and red if it is over 10.
Any help is greatly appreciated! (hope I explained this ok)

Is this possible at all to achieve?