Increase transparency/contrast for selection tool in plotly

I am producing some scatter matrix plots with Plotly. Consider this MWE

import pandas
import numpy as np
import as px

x = np.random.rand(5555)
df = pandas.DataFrame(
		'x': x,
		'a': x + np.random.rand(len(x)),
		'b': x**3 + np.random.rand(len(x)),


which produces this plot:

enter image description here

Now if I use the lazo selection tool within the plot, the selected points are highlighted while the non selected points gain some transparency:

enter image description here

The thing is that there are so many points that it is not easy to see the difference. Is it possible to increase the transparency of the non selected points? Eventually I would be happy to set the transparency to 100% so they completely disappear.