Incorrect element height after callback fires

Hi everyone,

I have a dash app with a callback that takes input from a dropdown to generate graphs which are placed inside a table. On page load the callback fires with the default value and everything works as expected. On the second fire when I choose a new value, the table rows are too short and the content is hidden.

This issue happens every alternate time the callback is fired. My callback returns dcc.Graph elements as the children of each html.Td within different html.Td elements. The table is inside a dcc.Tab which has been implemented without callbacks.

Both the table height and as a result the tab-content height are too short. When I set a manual height for the table rows, the dcc.Graphs appear below that height and the layout is still messed up.

Any idea why this is happening and why it occurs specifically every alternate time?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @shanv, could you please share a minimal standalone app reproducing the issue so that we can investigate?