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Incorporating statistical analysis in plotly.js (errors using pyExtJs)

Dear fellow plotly.js users,

I am implementing an application, where I want to do some regression analysis similar to the functionality provided under the analysis tab in the plotly create tool.
Unfortunately, I cannot find a .js library, which is compatible with plotly and still provides the functionality I need.
I tried including pyExtJs, a numpy/scipy wrapper for js, which does exactly what I need (linear, polynomial fits, with statistical information about error bounds, p values etc.)
Somehow pyExtJs and plotly don’t like each other and importing pyExtJs causes plotly to not draw the plot anymore, which might be due to different versions of d3 they are including (just guessing here).
Did anyone experience the same issues or do you have advise, on which scipy like stats libraries to include?
Again, any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot,
Cheers, Lisa