Incomplete visualization heatmap

I have this heatmap and it behaves odd.

Right now it doesn´t show any significant values but as soon as I zoom into the “empty” area this is the display:

The code I use to display is:

fig = go.Figure(data = go.Heatmap(z = pr,
#labels=dict(y=“bark”, x=“Time”, color=“Productivity”),
colorbar = dict(title = ‘Hello World!’),
colorscale = “Hot”,zsmooth = False
), layout = go.Layout(title = ‘Hello World!’, xaxis_title =‘x’, yaxis_title = ‘y’))

switching to GL did worsen it.

I need to see all data to visually compare multiple heatmaps with another and I can´t do that as long as i cant trust the graphs I´m looking at.



Hi @Mobby ,

could yo provide dataframe sample ?
it will really help me trying to solve your code. Thanks

@Mobby The yaxis_type=‘log’, works very well:

a, b =  20, 25 
c, d = 200, 10000 
z= np.random.randint(20,30, (40, 25))
fig=go.Figure(go.Heatmap(x = np.linspace(a, b, 25),
y = np.linspace(c, d, 40), z=z, colorscale="matter"))
fig.update_layout(title_text="Heatmap with respect to linear xaxis,<br>and log₁₀ yaxis", 
                   width=400, height=550, font_family="Balto",

Previously I said it isn’t implemented, but it is!!! :slight_smile:

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How can I add the data? it seems that neither *.csv; *.zip or *.txt are allowed

thanks, I already tried that. It seem not to help in this case…

I found one solution. When saving the graph as *.html file after a restart of the server it visualizes the graph way better.
None the less the visualization in the compiler strougles!