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Import chart_studio avoiding execution of .py file in the browser


one year ago I coded a .py program in pythin with plotly “import Chart_studio.plotly as py”. Regarding your Website “” I amended the Code. I figured out that after I amended the code the .py python will not be executed automatically in the Web-browser (in my case Mozilla Firefox). Therefore the Data cannot be actualized immediatly even if new MySQL recordsets will dadded to the table of the database. I figured out that straight after the “new” codeline “import chart_studio” the rest of the code up from this codeline will not be executed anymore. One year ago it worked out with the old code. Exclosed you will find screenshots which shows that after the code “import chart_studio” all the following code will not be executed. I am wondering why that was changed my the developers of plotly. How should my plotly Chart should be actulized if I cannot recomplie a .py file in the browser. By the way this HTML also not works:


It do not actulize the plotly-Chart. I am asking myself why the plotly devolopers changed the code if it works perfectly before? What are the alternatives and how I get a remained plotly Chart updated if new recordsets will be added to my MySQL database?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Robert P.