Image Tooltips for 3D Scatter plots (non-Dash-server)?

Hi, last year the feature was added to Dash that would allow image tooltips, i.e., when hovering the mouse over a data point, not only text, but images could appear. When I asked last year if this was available for Graph Objects (Images in hover tags · Issue #1323 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub), the answer was “Only Dash”.

Has any progress been made in supporting this for non-Dash plots, i.e. plots where we don’t need to run a server?

(There’s nothing inherently server-callback-y about image tooltips, e.g. see this static webpage 2D plot with image tooltips done via Bokeh ).

I want to send my 3D Scatter plots to Weights and Biases ( run-logging site and visualize them there. WandB supports a variety of Plotly plots and raw HTML, but AFAIK they do not offer Dash support.
(If in fact WandB supports Dash then my question becomes less important. ;-))


UPDATE: Apparently it’s possible to run Dash as “client-side only” with no server and “client-side callbacks”? If that’s the case, then perhaps that could work. Any info combining image tooltips and client-side Dash would be appreciated. Editing title from “non-Dash” to non-Dash-server".