I have an HTML and CSS template, how I can add it to de Dash python script?

I began using Dash because is easy to show graphs and I have not to deploy a Web server to do it.

Now I want to do a little dashboard using gauges and a more pretty html layout. The designer sent me one using bootstrap, in Which she pointed where I have to put the Dash code.

I’m not a frontend person so this is quite unknown for me.

Can you help me please?

Hi dead community and plotly team that opensource things without a proper documentation!!!

With flask would be more easy to do this using the function “render template”, but I use the dash html components to manually translate my template, It works.


Ouch :crying_cat_face:. Sorry that I haven’t been as responsive as I usually am this week, I’ve been on travel.

Also, the docs are here: GitHub - plotly/dash-docs: 📖 ISSUE TRACKER ONLY for The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation https://dash.plotly.com/. Feel free to open an issue or a PR for a particular topic that should be explored.

There are many questions about this that have already been asked and answered on the forum:

In particular, these issues might help you out here. It’s not clear from your question if you are trying to use the HTML directly (not recommended, translate it to dash_html_components) or if you are just wondering how to use local css.

Also, it’d be helpful if you could share a small, reproducable example that shows what you have tried so far, and then other folks can help you take it the last mile. It looks like you figured it out though!

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