I get 'All Streams Go', but data isn't plotting.. help!

Using the arduino example, but with a TI CC3100 wifi shield, I get the Plotly server to refresh the chart , but no data is ever plotted.

It seems as if Plotly closes the connection immediately after sending All Streams Go, and so I re-connect before sending the data.

I’ve run a local tcp server, just to verify that the data being sent is formatted exactly like the example (i.e.

{“x”: 4541, “y”: 5000, “streamtoken”: “2z5i44n4ve”}

However, when I send it to Plotly, nothing happens, the chart at the url returned is blank and just says “a minute ago”…

What am I missing that is preventing the plotting?

(I couldn’t attach the code , but I’ve put it here: https://ghostbin.com/paste/brhvy )