I cannot make a progress bar working with rq in heroku

Hi Dash community, I have been searching for a couple of days without hope of how to make dbc.Progress bar work in heroku while using background rq workers. I still can see that the interval I am passing as an input to the progress callback is updated but it does not reflect in the progress bar. When I run it without the background workers, it works fine. I would appreciate if you can assist me with this problem. I also would prefer that the progress bar appear when I upload a file and be completed when the required calculations of my rq workers are done.

@app.callback(Output(“progress”, “value”), [Input(“update-interval1”, “n_intervals”)])
def advance_progress(n):
print (“progress value”, n) # I can see that this number is incrementing but does # not reflect on the progress bar
return min(n,100)

thank you.

Hey @awrad,

I made an app that demonstrates how you can achieve this, check out the source code here.

@tcbegley Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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