Http errors in Dash running as Azure web app

Hello! I have an issue with Dash application running as containerized Azure web app. I have quite a few callbacks there, some of them are triggered by the same Input.

The app runs smoothly when I run it locally, but when I deploy it to Azure, I start getting errors like “Error while copying content to a stream… Check application logs to verify the application is properly handling HTTP traffic.” randomly during random callbacks.

When such error happens, the callbacks result in rendering chart that ignores the change in Input (basically it renders the previous version of the chart that was displayed before the callback was triggered).

Does anyone have experience with such type of errors, please?

for anyone that might be interested: running the application in Gunicorn seems to solve the issue. the “development” server is okay locally, but in Azure environment, more stable WSGI was needed, although the app is being used just by two or three people.