How to vertically align cells in a Table (plotly.graph_objects)?


I am working on a custom styled table using plotly.graph_objects.Table and was curious if it is possible to vertically align the cell text. I was able to horizontally align the cells per the docs and didn’t see information about vertical alignment.

Documentation links I referenced:

Similar Stackoverflow questions without a response:

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hi @chadm
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That is a good question. I’m not sure it’s possible with the Plotly Table, as there does not seem to be a vertical alignment attribute.

Have you considered the Dash DataTable? Are you looking for this type of alignment?

Hi @adamschroeder

Thank you for the welcome and information! I thought that might be the case and will look into the Dash DataTable as an alternative.

As a side note, do you know if it would reasonably straightforward to update the plotly.graph_objects.Table code to add the vertical alignment feature? I thought about setting up a local copy to modify for my use case and potentially submitting a PR depending on the complexity of the update.